On November 30, 2006, at 11:10 PM, a family of eleven people slept soundly in their beds, unaware that a thick black poison was filling the air of their tiny two-bedroom rental home on Salinas’ eastside.  The family, including four adults and seven children, never realized that the home’s dimming lights indicated faulty wiring, a sure sign of danger. 

It would be on this night that a fire would start in the home’s walls… endangering the lives of eleven innocent people.  Those most vulnerable to suffocation, the family’s 2-year-old toddler and 3-month-old infant, lay helpless in the smoky darkness.  Ultimately, it was a Good Samaritan who woke the family from impending doom and got them outside to safety.   The entire family was distraught, scared and cold as they stood in the chilly winter night awaiting respite.  Your Monterey-San Benito Counties Red Cross met this family’s emergency disaster caused needs that night and is continuing to work with them until they can get back on their feet.

Imagine if it was your family and everything you knew and loved was destroyed in an instant. Unfortunately, this is just one of the heart-breaking stories that the Monterey-San Benito Counties Chapter of the American Red Cross responds to approximately 75 times a year.  That’s more than one family a week that is relying on the Red Cross for assistance and calling upon us to be there for them when help can’t wait.  Your support is allowing us to meet the needs of families throughout our community who are suffering who are through their own perfect storms. Business Supporters are welcome, for more information click here.

In the last 15 months, our Disaster Action Teams have responded to 92 single-family home and apartment fires and provided financial assistance to a total of 345 individuals including 202 adults and 143 children.  We are committed to providing families with basic disaster caused needs such as food, clothing, shelter, medications, and counseling, if needed. 

The American Red Cross is especially sensitive to the needs of our youngest disaster victims.  More often than not, children have difficulty expressing their fears and anxieties during disasters. It is during these times that we make every effort possible to cushion their pain.

Our Red Cross comfort kits, blankets, and backpacks filled with: school supplies, coloring books, crayons, stuffed toys and small games act as temporary solace and relief for those suffering nature’s wrath. 

All Red Cross disaster assistance is free…disaster victims are never asked to pay for anything that we provide to them.  The Monterey-San Benito Counties Chapter of the American Red Cross is not a government agency and receives no national, federal or even United Way funding.  Rather, the Chapter depends solely upon generous gifts from people like you to continue our daily operations.   When you make a gift for local use your donation stays local.  When you ask us to use your gift elsewhere, we’ll honor your request.  You decide.  Your continued support means that no family in Monterey or San Benito County will be with out disaster assistance in their time of need. 

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